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Sat 22 July
Matt Carstens

Sat 29 July
Ralph Beeby

Sat 5 August
Albert Meintjies

Sunday 6 August 18h30
Johan Smit Jazz Trio

Sat 12 August
Gerald Clark

Sat 19 August
Pete Stanford

Sat 26 August
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periScope theatre
live entertainment

periGators features live music on weekends by upcoming new talents, well established acts and aging legends lured back for intimate evenings of Blues and Rock

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Artists featured included The Blues Broers, Tony Cox, Albert Frost, Valiant Swart, Piet Botha, The Vans, Tim Parr, Heather Mac, Mark Richardson, Pete Stanford, Gerald Clark, Peter Hoven, Amabhulu?, The Jeremiah Brimstone Band, Jasper Dick, Akkedis, Charles Fourie, Natasha Meister, Peter Vanne, Barry Klopper, Ralph Beeby, Stefan Dixon and more

Sat 9 February 2013  Wendy Oldfield and Lionel Bastos are Back by Popular Demand · R60 · Booking essential 082 457 9403

Wendy first made a name for herself on radio performing the hit 'This Boy' with rock outfit "The Sweatband" in the early eighties. After further success with songs like 'Tonight', 'Shape of Her Body', 'This Boy' and many years of touring and performing, she left the group to start a solo career.

Her first solo album 'Beautiful World' set the wheels in motion for a succession of hits, including 'Real World', 'Acid Rain', 'Miracle' and 'Don't Stop Believing'. Wendy's vocal performance on the album won her the Octave award (1992) for Best Female Vocalist and a nomination for Song of the Year (Miracle).

Wendy also branched out into composition and arrangement, writing soundtracks for commercials, film and television. She was nominated for an MNet film score award in 1995 and wrote soundtracks for Leon Schuster's 'Sweet and Short' and 'There's a Zulu on my stoep'. Her song Acid Rain was chosen as the theme song for a 180 episode series 'Nature on Track' which has appeared on networks around the world.

In late 2008 a collection album was released with 13 of Wendy's most performed tracks, including 2 previously unreleased tracks 'Lilah' and 'Burden'.

In 2010, Wendy released the ambient world music album 'In The Womb' and also performed at the opening kick-off concert of the Soccer World Cup and wrote the theme song for the launch of the Gautrain.

You can also view her first single, New Dress off her soon to be released album that Robin Auld produced and mixed and of which this performance at periGators is part of her new album "Sneak Preview Tour"

Lionel Bastos is a multiple award-nominated and award winning artist/singer/songwriter and producer who has written and/or produced songs or albums for artists, in both South Africa and abroad, such as Wendy Oldfield, Vicky Sampson, Coleske, Ed Jordan, Little Sister, Andre Schwartz, Yvonne Chaka-Chaka, David Abatte (for the Miss World pageant), Clout, Jimmy Wagner(Luxemburg), Leigh Matty(UK), The Reespect(Germany), Karin Nortje and Jeremy Mansfield to name a few.

He is one of the most recorded (pop, rock, folk rock, world, jazz, blues, R&B, kwaito, country rock) songwriters in South Africa. Many of his songs have been radio singles. In Luxemburg he had three successive number 1's with songs he wrote and produced for Jimmy Wagner, one of which was later on a BMG worldwide released compilation "We Two Are One" .

The press called him a "musical and lyrical genius" after the release of his first solo album "Be like water....um" and as a result was even interviewed and featured in the Italian VOGUE. He also co-wrote and co-produced 6 tracks on the official S.A.F.A. CD for the F.I.F.A world cup in 1998 and was the represented S.A artist on the “Africa Alive” CD made especially for the INTERNATIONAL AIDS CONFERENCE held in Durban in 2000. As a result of that song and production he was asked by Ian von Memerty to produce the CD for the musical "FIELA SE KIND" for which Ian wrote all the music and which toured South Africa to massive critical acclaim.

He has released 5 CDs, all of which were nominated for SAMA’s (South African Music Awards).

Wendy Oldfield

Wendy's full biography and some of her music is available on her website: http://www.wendyoldfield.co.za/

See Lionel's website for more information, videos and his stunning lyrics: http://www.lionelbastos.com/

Listen to some of Lionel's music: http://www.myspace.com/lionelbastos

Sat 19 January 2013  Sven Blumer · Free ·

From playing with the "who's-who" to playing with himself for you and playing his own tunes with friends and accomplices, Sven is cracking the 'chill-out' Acoustic and Electric Rock and Blues, and when the band (FreeMouth) comes along it gets louder with electric strings.

Also, catch him teaming up occasionally with Simon Orange (the Blues Broers), Gerald Clark (Delta Blue), Henry Steel (Karen Zoid), Jacques Steyn (DNA Strings) and other highly talented friends.

The music is Blues-Rock, with Folk and Jazz sensibilities, and perhaps a well-known tune in the mix for good spirits.

Listen to some of Sven's music: http://www.myspace.com/svenghb

Sven's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sven.blumer

Sven Blumer

Sat 4 Aug 2012  Luna Paige
Free ·
Bookings - 082 457 9403

Luna's love for song writing and the piano started in her teens, during which time she was heavily influenced by the great songwriters of the 70's. Artists like Jim Croce, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Joan Armatrading and Joan Baez all played a part in shaping her sound. Later influences are artists such as Rodriguez, Nick Cave, Fiona Apple, Over the Rhine, Tori Amos and Tracy Chapman.

Luna Paige has been described as a singer with a sultry voice who has a mesmerising way of luring the listener into a world of beautiful images & emotions.

Visit www.lunamusic.co.za and www.myspace.com/lunamusiek for Luna's music and biography

Luna Paige has been making music over the last 10 years. She has released 3 albums ("Luna", “Missing Pieces” and "Wonderful life") and had various releases on compilation albums.

Luna currently lives in Melkbosstrand and is working on her first Afrikaans project ever. Read more about this project on www.lunapaige.blogspot.com

“Haar sangstyl is uniek, haar stem sielvol, haar lirieke treffend genoeg om jou sprakeloos te laat. Haar onderwerpe is propvol heimwee, humor en menslikheid”; Marlene Malan, Sondag Koerant; 6 Mei 2007.

“Die kombinasie van Luna se slim lirieke en aangrypende stem is bekorend”. Delia du Toit; Die Beeld; Februarie 2007

“If Luna were from New York, she’d be the latest rage!”. Diane Donovon, Editor of World Discoveries International Music site

Luna Paige

Listen & Buy Online - Facebook - Twitter


Don 22 Des 2011  HA!Man - "Spontaneous Inspirition"
Free ·
Bookings - 082 457 9403

Francois le Roux, a.k.a. the HA!Man enchants and astonish audiences the world over with his cello, original electronic accompaniments, keyboard, voice and dances. His music reflects his Southern African roots and his spontaneous approach challenges conventional ideas in both the serious and commercial music environment. He has created numerous soundtracks for plays, films and poetry performances and his talents brought him distinguished appointments such as music direction for the South African National Woman of the Year Gala (2001, 2002) and the 2004 "Ukkasie" Festival's Royal Albert Hall event in London. Touted as one of South Africa's top musical talents and a groundbreaking cellist/music creator, he operates independently, traveling about 80 000 km a year by car in four continents. He coined the term HA! to express the spirited way in which he conducts his performances.

A formal background gave way to a career starting with spontaneous cello street performing, followed by an experimental stint of four years, backpacking through South Africa and exploring various other forms of expression. He is currently managing a full schedule of performances, workshops and creative projects, keeping in touch with an extensive database of contacts through his newsletters and web site (www.hamanworld.com). A critic has summed up the HA!Man experience as such: "Overall, the very fresh sound of original melodic invention and pulsing rhythms is utterly absorbing, as is his attractive and expressive body language and voice. His personality comes across as one that is profoundly thoughtful, musically lucid and thorough and showing sustained love of all creativity."


Soundclips - Video - Audience Feedback


Son 7 Aug 2011  Frank Opperman - "Rooikaart"
R80 ·
Besprekings - 082 457 9403

Die bekende akteur Frank Opperman is terug op die verhoog met 'n splinternuwe eenmansstuk Rooikaart.

Dit is geskryf deur Dana Snyman, wat ook die baie suksesvolle "Die uwe Pottie Potgieter" geskryf het waarmee Opperman vir lank deur die land getoer het.

Na die sukses van "Die uwe Pottie Potgieter", verras Opperman se vermoë jou weereens wanneer hy 'n splinternuwe verhoogkarakter skep in die gedaante van "Wally Koekemoer". Die karakter "Wally Koekemoer" laat jou deurgaans glimlag wanneer hy dinge kwyt raak wat jou onwillekeurig herrinner aan iemand in die regte lewe! Wally Koekemoer is die president van 'n plaaslike rugbyklub.

Die verhoogstuk speel af in die klubsaal waar die jaarlikse prysuitdeling van die Rugbyklub plaasvind. Wally behartig die prysuitdeling en doen sy bes om alles bymekaar te hou, ten spyte van die probleem dat meeste van die spelers nie opgedaag het nie!

Wally het ook 'n paar geraamtes in die kas, en dit kom mettertyd uit. Hy probeer op sy eie lomp manier sy aksies regverdig en in die proses val hy letterlik oor sy eie voete! Die teks is skreeusnaaks en met Opperman se dinamiese vertolking, sal jy defnitief met 'n glimlag uit die teater stap!

Die regiseur Gys De Villiers doen briljante werk in "Rooi Kaart". Die kombinasie van Opperman en De Villiers is ooglopend 'n wenresep!

Rooikaart Poster

Sat 22 January 2011 Cox and Newman R150 · Booking essential
Return of the Road Warriors Concert tour

Literally thousands of people have asked this question, Are Steve Newman and Tony Cox ever going to play together again? The answer takes the form of their upcoming concert tour of South Africa, playing in key, select venues and in some that go back the last 3 decades into the boys performance history together.

Newman and Cox both have long and distinguished careers as soloists. Both are the recipients of multiple awards down through the years and have each collaborated with a small army of other finely honed musicians not only from SA but from all over the world. The duo though has a special place in the hearts and minds of folks who have seen them live. Their irreverent approach to old classics in particular are legendary and have tickled the ribs of a multitude spanning 3 generations.

After their tour of the UK in 2005 it was agreed between them that they should take a break after over 2 decades of constant touring together. These boys have a performance record around the world unequalled by any other South African guitarist and the fact that they are now keen to play together again, should be a beacon to many people who would love the opportunity to watch and hear them once more, side by side.

This series of concerts then, is a celebration of their musical re-union, and a staggering 30 years of performance together. The shows promise to be an incendiary series of guitar nights like no other. And like only these nimble-fingered home-boys can do it... Come and celebrate!

What the press say

Cape Town

'In hands like these, there's nothing that can't be done with an acoustic guitar. In fact one of their early recordings was called '101 Ways To Use An Acoustic Guitar'. After this performance you'll realise that they've discovered a few more' - Gary van Dyk, The Argus

Port Elizabeth

'The Cox and Newman phenomenon transcends the realm of structured acoustics in every sense; so much so that you begin to question whether the inventor of the guitar ever truly knew the extent of his creation' - John Harvey, The Herald

'Rondo al la Tico (with its introductory tale of Mozart and his drug problem) has always been one of my favourite tunes and yet again it stood out in the evening's magic. In fact all the old favourites are on display in this show, which is a showcase of their work over the last 20 years. And what a showcase it is' - Lance Dodd, East Cape Herald

East London

'People genuinely love these guys --they feel like they know them -- and it's a powerful combination with breathtaking talent and music that takes the mind on a wandering journey. Music that makes each track a personal experience' - Justine Gerardy, Daily Dispatch


'Jokes aside, mix Tony Cox's incredible talent with the matching genius of Steve Newman and you'll appreciate how the Royal Backstage currently sparks with their combined guitar virtuosity' - Caroline Smart, Durban D'arts, Artsmart

'The hair might be longer and greyer than in their first gig together, but the fingers are, if anything, more agile and the music has more depth, also wit and humour' - Anthea Johnston, Sunday Tribune

'Steve Newman and Tony Cox show the guitar off as a world music instrument, slipping from South American rhythms through dueling middle American banjos to the haunting percussiveness of African expression' - Peter Machen, The Independent On Saturday

'An informal and intoxicating entertainment about which guitar aficionados will coo for weeks' - Billy Suter, The Mercury

'Their feel for and interpretation of the music make them masters of the trade' - Gerry Otto, Daily News

TonyCox.co.za Myspace.com SteveNewman.co.za

DixieHillBilly trio

Renowned for their instrumental velocity and unusual vocal harmonies, the Dixie Hillbilly Trio is a refreshing sound in the music industry with a blast of talent and showmanship. They perform music and vocal numbers, covering a wide range of musical genres: Latin, Bluegrass, Baltic , Gypsy , Irish Traditional, Township as well as commercial songs and instrumentals. With the combination of great musicianship and their unique sound, The Dixie Hillbilly Trio is not to be missed!

The exploration of world music and rock & roll has given them a new framework and revaluation as musicians, and provided them with a brand new playground.

Inflections from Nashville flat-pickn' to bluegrass, jazz, funk and rock, the Dixie Hillbilly Trio has fused their individual musical backgrounds to form a new, unique sound that resulted in their first release 'A Touch of Grass'.

People who have attended their performances, sometimes comment that it feels as though they have been on a musical world tour. The band has performed at a host of exclusive restaurants, live venues and music festivals throughout South Africa.


JP Dix - Guitar / Banjo / Vocals
JP is rated as one of the best acoustic guitar and banjo players in SA. He is also an excellent vocalist. JP has been playing guitar since age 10 and has performed with Dozi , Jakkie Louw , Adam Tas and Guillome. He is also active in Television and Festivals. JP spent 2 years in London where he performed extensively, and since perfected the "Bluegrass" and various other traditional styles on the guitar and banjo.

Johan Scheppel - Violin / Mandolin / Vocals
In 2001, at age 19, Johan made his debut by conducting the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra as well as the KZN Philharmonic. In 2001 he received a bursary from University of Pretoria and studied music under Zanta Hofmeyr, Stefans Grove and Walter Mony. As violinist, he worked with the likes of Themba Mkize, En Shao, Le Solistes de Paris, Gerhard Korsten and Marcus Whayt. He is currently busy with his Masters Degree in Sound Technology and an active researcher, producer and educator.

Jerry Gruven - Bass guitar
Jerry has been active in the music industry since the 70s as artist manager, organizer and performer. He has worked with some the country's most respected artist i.e. Mathys Roets, Amy Sky (Canada) , Jakkie Louw, Flying Circus and Avalon. He is also the agent of the Dixie Hillbilly Trio, and currently involved as producer and manages several local artists such as Fredi Nest, Dewald Dippenaar and Jakkie Louw.

The Black Cat Bones

The Black Cat Bones is an experimental Blues-Rock outfit, expressing their shared experiences and influences in an audio diary made up from traditional, as well as modern Blues, Rock, Folk, Country, and Rockabilly music.

Their debut album 'Silverton Swamp Songs' was released in 2009. The album was recorded at Wolmer Records together with producer Lani vd Walt, and contains 9 original tracks and 2 additional tracks written by Valiant Swart and Muddy Waters. The single 'Ol Pappa Joe' received regular airplay on Jacaranda and various campus radio stations, and spawned a video currently rotating on MK.

Regular performances at reputable live venues such as The Barnyard theatres, Café Barcelona, Tings and Times, Cool Runnings (Nationwide), Mystic Boer, The Blues Room and many more, as well as festivals such as Oppikoppi, Splashy Fen, Table Mountain Blues Fest, Up The Creek, etc. etc. and charity events such as Moonprint and War garnered wide spread critical acclaim.

Tribute showcases include Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, and Elvis Presley.

This is one of the most amazingly entertaining bands you'll ever see Vixen Magazine

You could call it blues-rock, a well-known genre, but The Black Cat Bones have made it heavier, energetic, faster and attention capturing Clemma Wentzel (Entertainment Africa)

Dirty, sweaty, Southern Hoodoo blues that is oh so painfully beautiful & sublime in its simplicity and honesty Album Review: 9/10, SAM

Simply Mojolicious The Tonight Guide

Kobus de Kock Jnr. Vocals / Guitar / Harmonica
Andre Kriel Guitars / Vocals
Chris van der Walt Bass
Jason Hinch Drums

... luister mens na hierdie manne se CD is daar iets wat opval: anders as baie nuwe rock groepe keer die Black Cat Bones, soos die Sex Pistols terug na die outydse Rock n Roll resep. Hulle musiek is n fusion van gewone Blues en Rock n Roll, maar hulle doen dit so dem goed dat dit klink soos iets heeltemaal nuuts Koos Kombuis, Rapport


No Apologies - Natalie Chapman and Peter Hoven

Combining his phenomenal song-writing skills and musicianship with his unique soulful vocals, Peter Hoven has produced a debut solo album in the Rock/Pop/Blues genre that is proof of his amazing talent. Hoven is originally from the Cape but is now a Johannesburg based musician who is quickly making a name for himself on the live music circuit.

Peter Hoven started his musical career when he formed an acoustic duo with Gerald Clark (Delta Blue) called Clark & Van der Hoven in January 2006. They released their album "Own Decision" in 2007 and built a dedicated and passionate following and were named "Best Band at Oppikoppi 2007". He then decided to go solo!

In recent years he has performed at Oppikoppi (Easter & August), Splashy Fen, White Mountain Folk Festival and STRAB in Mozambique. Among other endeavors, Hoven has been the producer of The Eric Clapton 'Slowhand' Tribute Show for the last three years with great success performing this tribute show at venues like Emperor's Palace, Tanz Café and Potter Place.

A prolific songwriter, his vocals capture the essence of melodic soulfulness with a rhythmic acoustic guitar following suit.

Facebook, PeterHoven.co.za

Dorpstraat restaurant teater writes about Natalie:

With a background in Musical Theatre from the age of 8 and Dancing, Singing and Acting training for 19 years, Natalie Chapman developed her exceptional natural talent from a young age. In the last 6 years Natalie has independently produced her debut album "Between the lines", signed a 3 album record deal, shared the stage with names like Arno Carstens, Albert Frost, Tony Cox, Jason Glover, Piet Botha, Gerald Clark, Southern Gypsy Queen and many more. Natalie has played Splashy Fen Music Festival, STRAB in Mozambique, Vodacom Summer Festival, Kirstenbosch Winter Sessions and played live on Morning Edition, Morning Live and Weekend Live.

With rave reviews for her first album by top Publications like The Citizen and Fairlady, and a National Radio hit with her first Single "Are you coming Home?" she is clearly a performer to watch out for.
3 Songs from her debut album have been play listed in the UK and Dubai.

Natalie was recognized for her success with a nomination for Best Female Newcomer at The People's Magazine Crystal Awards in 2007. You may have also seen her as "Suzi" not "Isuzu" in the latest General Motors hit advertisement. Her music has been used as a soundtrack for movies and TV shows such as The Billabong Pro Tour on Supersport.

In 2008 you would have seen Natalie in the Broadway Musical The Full Monty at The Civic Theatre in Johannesburg and The Artscape Theatre in Cape Town. She is also a Music DJ on Radio Today 1485 promoting local music!

Not only is Natalie's recorded voice and music exceptional, but her live performances are electric. Since moving to Johannesburg from Cape Town in 2006 the fantastic muso's she is working with do justice to her outstanding voice and songs. Her solo performances are also well sought after. The future is bright for this rare South African talent.


Gerald Clark

Gerald Clark is in for a long long journey, like most blues men inevitably should. Driven by a need to play and live this most mystical and magical of music genres, the blues has taught him much about music, life and what it means to befriend the long open road.

A musical journey that started mainly with twelve bar blues has picked up a lot of influences along the way, but has always stayed close to the hallelujah.

Gerald soon became responsible for introducing this genre of music to many a virgin ear and soon made fans all over the country - not only of the band Delta Blue, but also the blues!

He fronted red-hot Delta Blue since they started performing together in 1999 - at all the major festivals in South Africa and smaller music venues where they played for sold out crowds. Gerald wrote and produced the latest 2 of their albums.

He has gone solo since and was nominated for various music awards in South Africa of which a SAMA nomination stands out as the most prestigious. His solo career has since taken off and he is booked throughout SA and has also performed in France, England and Namibia.

Gerald has also collaborated professionally with well known artists in SA like Albert Frost, Luna Paige, Valiant Swart, Van Coke Kartel, Gian Groen, Theo Crous (Springbok Nude Girls) and Koos Kombuis. He featured many times on MK with his killer song 'Rietfontein Se Leidam'.

His latest blues/rock album has gotten very good reviews and Gerald has been booked at some of the countries most prestigious festivals and Blues related gatherings performing along side the country's best musicians.

His vibrant and energetic performances at periGators, be it solo or in collaboration, always featuring his beloved and unique 'stomp box', are not to be missed!

Them Frog

Them Frog came together in the beginning of 2009 and started playing in August of 2009 under the name Raid the Ater. The band consists of four members: Pieter Smit (Bass and Vocals), Marko Ras (Guitar), Jaco de Beer (Guitar) and Willem van der Walt (Drums).

Two of their members, Pieter Smit and Marko Ras competed in Rockspaaider 2004 as a 3 piece band called Makatees. They broke up in 2005. Thereafter Pieter Smit played in several Potchefstroom bands like Green Shebeen and Space Cadets and helped out with the Black Light Theatre Project as their bassist. Marko Ras went to UJ to study BComm and lived in Afslaan men's residents. There he played guitar for the Sangfees band that won best band for 4 years in a row and was also involved in other music projects. Jaco de Beer started off by playing with Peter in Space Cadets. Willem van der Walt played for a band called Euphonia for six years.

MySpace, Facebook

The band Them Frog was 'born' in Potchefstroom where Pieter Smit and Jaco de Beer are in the process of completing their studies. Most of their fans are based in Potch and this is where they did their first gig, "Party in the Parking lot" – Potch's infamous intervarsity party. Here they opened for aKing, Van Coke Kartel and Heuwels Fantasties.

Through this, Them Frog received a huge amount of exposure. Soon afterwards they played with Tidal Waves and where booked for two gigs at Aardklop.

The Oh So Serious in Pringle Bay

The Oh So Serious is a musical troupe hailing from the city of Pretoria, who bring you delight and favour, song and guitar. Vana's projects in the last five years include the Pretorian folk groups 'Velvet and the Horse', 'Green Acre' and his current outfit 'The Oh So Serious Folk Collective'. Influenced by the charm of Mr. David Viner and old legends like Lonnie Johnson, Vana delights with his subtle guitar work.

The Christl Weinbeck's voice and tambourine playing creates an atmosphere that is, old in its tracks, and new in its delivery. For the purposes of this trip just Vana and Christl will be performing as a duo. Together they draw their musical content from the songs sung towards the early part of the previous century and have said they want to come back as part of the Mississippi Sheiks in a next life. The Oh So Serious's 2010 year includes STRAB, AARDKLOP and OPPIKOPPI AUGUST music Festivals.

The Oh So Serious Oppikoppi 2010

Oh So Serious on the Interweb,

The Album cover for the Folk Collective

Jamie Jupiter

Singer-songwriter Jamie Jupiter performs solo as a mind-blowing one man band. Jamie's original and heart-warming compositions touch hearts while his accomplished musical skills create a variety of musical moods and grooves.

He plays an impressive array of musical instruments from the bluesy combo of guitar and harmonica to a long unpronounceable list of African instrument and sometimes, but not always, a loop-pedal - this tool allows him to record recording and instantly play back grooves live on stage.

Using this technology, he enchants audiences by weaving layers of musical sounds creating a full bodied ambient effect with what in the end sounds like an invisible orchestra.

A tasty African uplifting version of "Bob-Dylan," Jamie's raunchy harmonica playing has been known to make women blush while the deep heartfelt poetry of his songs have drawn tears from burley men!

Jamie Jupiter has been around the block and earned his place of respect among a very wide range of musicians and musical styles from the glam-rock sensation - The Honeymoon Suites- in the 90's to winning a Fleur du Cap for best cabaret 2009 with the mock country show "Angels on Horseback."

He is able to stretch his musical muscles from play high-kicking gypsy grooves on chromatic harmonica in Kolo Novo- the Balkonology band, quality Kwela with Kwela King Lemmy"Special"Mabaso- to jamming with Blues legend Jimmy Burns himself at a Chicago nightclub.

A professional with international experience: Jamie has toured 3 continents with The African Music Workshop Ensemble, accompanying multi-award winning dance piece, "Menjaro" with choreographer Vincent Mantsoe. (The show was performed in London, toured the USA and Canada, Reunion island and Germany.

Pandora se doos

A cabaret with Dirk Ace, Mariaan van Heerden en Marika Reinke R60 Couvert

Pandora se Doos is 'n kabaret wat skop het! Dis 'n ongewone, plesierige stuk wat tong in die kies kyk na die die tragiese, maar soms ook snaakse en bisarre gevolge wat voortspruit wanneer Pandora se Doos (Sien ou mitologie vir volle storie) oopgemaak word: Die politieke korrupsie en geweld, die sosiale chaos, die aftakeling van seksuele norme, die verbrokkeling van huweliksdrome, die daaruit - voortspruitende huishoudelike geweld, die misbruik van manlike mag oor die vrou en die effek wat dit het op die psige van vrouens, die wanbalans in man/vrou verhoudings en die tragiese, dog ook komiese gevolge wat daaruit voortspruit. Dis snaaks, maar die skalpel het nog altyd fyner gesny as die byl.

Die stuk het vele komiese stukkies wat dien as balans en teenwig teen die swaarder en tragiese dele. Daar is n' goeie balans tussen die ernsige, absurde, bisarre en ironiese realiteite van menswees maar veral van vrouwees in n' post moderne samelewing. KOm kyk of daar vir die mensdom enige hoop is.

Die teks en lirieke is geskryf deur Marianne van Heerden, die skrywer van onder andere Stories het Vlerke, die boek wat sy op laasjaar se Richmond boekefees in n' gespreksgroep behandel het. Hierdie boek het heelwat opslae gemaak en het heelwat publisiteit oor die radio en die televisie gekry oor die uiters sensitiewe saak van kindermolestering. Pandora se Doos is haar 31ste produksie. Sy het vele skoolprojekte, leesprojekte gedryf. Van haar werk was op die Gariepfees, KKNK en Artscape te sien.

Die musiek is getoonset en in die studio vervaardig deur Dirk Ace, musiekvervaardiger, musikant, promoter,en geleentheidsorganiseerder wat sy eie unieke stel alternatiewe spore getrap het in die S.A. musiek arena vir die laaste 23 jaar. Dirk openbaar 'n heeltemale ander sy in 'n onbekende genre vir hom en is lof toegeswaai vir groot talent as komediant en kabaretster deur diegene wat die proses meegemaak het en die wat hierdie kabaret al beleef het. Dirk speel verskeie rolle in hierdie kabaret. Mense is opgewonde om hom op die verhoog te sien. Veral in hierdie nuwe gedaante.

Die vroulike hoofrol word vertolk deur Marika Reinke, opkomende Kaapse stersanger en aktrise. Sy is deur Dirk Ace gewerf vir hierdie produksie nadat hy haar sien optree het in n' kabaret wat hy vir n' privaat klient georganiseer het. Sy het hom so beindruk dat hy haar die rol in die kabaret aangebied het. Reinke het haar dramagraad verwerf aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch en is tans mede-eienares van n' teater, The Stage, in Durbanville waar sy ook sangklasse aanbied.

Die musiek in die stuk strek oor vele genres heen, insluitende rock, pop, folk, blues, rap, goema,techno en ballades.

Die regie en choreografie word behartig deur Marianne van Heerden. Sy is ook die uitvoerende vervaardiger van die stuk. Die produksiebestuur asook die verhoogbestuur, bemarking en publisiteit word behartig deur Dirk Ace. Vir meer informasie, kontak asb. Dirk Ace op 083 9954142 of stuur hom 'n vonkpos op dirkuysproduksies@hotmail.om

Jo Martin

Blues/rock artist Jo Martin, plays guitar and sings originals and selective covers. Based in Cape Town, Jo performs full-time as a solo act or with his full band and has "been running with this dream for more than two decades now."

Self taught from the age of 17, Jo has been playing pro since then and performed at most festivals and various venues throughout SA. He played live on Dutch radio & TV in 2003, and in England at the Green Peace Festival 2009.

Jo recorded his first album with "Flying Circus" in '96, and three solo albums since then. His new album, "Resonance", was released end October 2010.

" My love and passion for music extends far beyond my career, it's not what I do - it's who I am. " 

Please go to Jomartin.net for further info and audio.

The Lottery Tickets

The Lottery Tickets began in 2006 with the aim of releasing a home recorded album on Myspace.com, playing 8 shows then breaking up. Yet when the band started gigging they soon realised how much fun and excitement they achieved at gigs and decided to continue the band. The Lottery Tickets consists of 4 members; 2 guitarists/vocalists, a bassist and a drummer.

Originally the band fused a style between 90's American-emopunk, influenced by bands such as The Get Up Kids and Lagwagon, and 90's Britpop with bands such as Oasis and The Verve as influences. The band wrote songs with relative ease, focussing more on melody than technicality. The 6-track EP The Lone Shark was released in August 2008 to a very receptive audience in Stellenbosch. The single off the EP, Two Words, received full rotation on the Stellenbosch University Campus Radio station, MFM, for over
two months.

As soon as the EP was released the band began to write new songs for a forthcoming album. The new songs were not as minimalist as the first EP and guitarist and vocalist James Acker began to experiment with effects pedals on his guitar. The new sound the band is going for is influenced by American rock such as Silversun Pickups and Blink 182 as well as British indie-rock such as Bloc Party and Biffy Clyro. This being said, the band has not abandoned their original sound completely and the songs still balance on vocal melodies and harmonious choruses, hoping above all else for their sound to be sincere.

The Lyzyrd Kyngs - Piet Botha en Akkedis

Images from the 31 October periScope show by Johan van Zyl


Akkedis is the Afrikaans rock band with African influences, also playing original reggae and blues, officuilaly 12 years on the Rock 'n Roll highway. Known as the Dennis Brothers Band earlier, with twins Rudi Dennis on drums, Arthur Dennis on Vox and guitar and AJ Graham on bass. Akkedis have released 5 albums already: Husse Met Lang Ore, Voortvlugtend, Vir Volk En Vaderland, Afrika My Baby and Dekade.

Piet Botha needs no introduction, just check out Jackhammer.co.za, true legends of SA rock - now 26 years on the road and still "true to its original brand of Rock 'n Roll, never seeking the limelight but always playing their hearts out". Since their first performance way back in 1984 the one constant factor in the band has been the man affectionately known as "The Hammer", Piet Botha.

Julia and Jarvis No Couvert

Jarvis and Julia perform a combination between Folk, Jazz and Acoustic Rock. Singer/Songwriter Julia Conradie has been a part of the Cape Town Music scene since 2005, performing at venues along the Peninsula and further East along the coast.

Jarvis Raymond is a native of Chicago, Illinois and has toured internationally with musical theatre productions, on cruise ships and with his own trio. In 2010, Jarvis and Julia began performing together creating a new blend of original acoustic music.